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Sexy 404 Pages

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Last Updated on Wednesday, April 12, 2023

Sexy 404 Pages

It’s a well-known fact (amongst webmasters) that a 404 page is essential for a website’s inner workings. Welcome then to the Midlands Maidens Sexy 404 page!

We were hard at work with our developers last night, trying to get various things to work on our new sexy 404 pages.

After a couple of hours, we heard a distant ‘Eureka!’ from the backroom, which for once had nothing to do with Louise. 🙂

After trying it out, and testing it with videos and recent post lists, we uploaded it to the website and it’s been live since early this morning.

Ok then, so what’s a 404 page?

A 404 page, or in our case a CUSTOM 404 page, is one that is usually boring and gives no inspiration to carry on over into the main website.

The main quality of a 404 page is that it returns something called a ‘404 error’ rather than – say – a 301 redirect back to the homepage, or a 200 content available, and actually gives the 404 error status to any search engines.

This hugely important 404 status is the reason that our old 404 page was returning a 200 content available status, and showing up in the ‘most viewed pages’ list, and we’ve been working hard on getting this issue resolved.

That made no sense at all, so what does it do?

Yes we agree, it’s all technobabble, but what’s working behind the scenes gives you your escort and totty galleries.

If for instance, you type in the website name (URL) followed by one of the girls’ names, who we’d removed from the website last week, you may well end up on a similar-sounding page or nothing at all.

That’s where the 404 page kicks in and you get redirected to the 404 page instead.

Ah right, so why is it ‘sexy’ then?

To find out why it’s a sexy 404, you’ll first need to access it.

Just try typing into the address bar and that should force the 404 page to work.

Alternatively here’s the address from above in LINK FORM that you can just click on (and of course it opens in a new page).

On the Sexy 404 Page:

…you will find a short introduction, followed by a few suggestions on what you MIGHT have meant in your search, followed by one of our search boxes, and then a weekly video.

This weeks video is about Pole Dancing.

Finally, there’s a list of the five most popular posts this week together with images.

We can see our sexy 404 page becoming rather popular, and never will more ‘Eureka’s’ get said than by spelling the URL title wrong!

Originally posted on Midlands Maidens Nottingham Escorts by the NEWS team.


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