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Last Updated on Wednesday, April 12, 2023

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Due to a massive response (well about twenty actually) from our viewers, we have decided to knock the ‘pay per view’ content on the head and replace it with a ‘share to view’ option.

At present, this covers ALL of the posts in the Secret Diary section, and now rather than having to go through getting a membership, us needing to activate your membership, and us needing to delete any users that just joined up with a fake email address, all you need to do now is to go to ANY secret diary post and SHARE it to Facebook, no membership needed, and the hidden content will be viewable straight away!

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A girl looking at our Share to View posts

This could prove to be a problem though, as we realise that people might not want these types of posts on their Facebook timeline.

The simple solution here then is to open a SECOND Facebook account for all of those texts, images and videos that you’d rather ‘the other half’ not see – a little like using a ‘punting phone’ to arrange bookings.

How do I open a second Facebook account?

The simplest way is to use a pc, but this can no doubt be done using a mobile phone too, though you’ll find that you’ll get taken to a mobile version if you use a phone, and your Facebook App will only show your original account.

First, you’ll need to set up a new email address. You can use multiple Gmail addresses, or open a new one on, or even one on

We DON’T recommend using Hotmail as that can get rather twitchy and unreliable.

Use a ‘nom-de-plume’ as your new email address, one that only you will know.

With your new email address set up and activated, we can now go onto the second part.

Open a new browser window from a DIFFERENT source. For example, if you normally use Google Chrome, open Firefox, or Opera, or (shudder), Internet Explorer.

In this new browser window open the Facebook website, (which should be showing a login page) and with your new email address and ‘nom-de-plume’, open your new Facebook account.

You might get a verification code from Facebook, but as these are usually delivered by email, there should be no problems.

You’ll initially have nothing on your timeline, which is great, and now using this new ‘nom-de-plume’, you can follow all those accounts that ‘your other half’ shouldn’t know about!

For your first addition, here’s our Facebook account – Midlands Maidens on Facebook.

MAKE SURE that any posts you share from Midlands Maidens are shared from this new account in your new browser, and Bob’s your uncle!

Just add a few refinements in your new browser, such as adding the bookmark to Facebook in there, and of course the Midlands Maidens website, and this way every time you open the new browser you’ll be logged in to Facebook as your ‘nom-de-plume’.

share to view one
A girl logging into her new Facebook account as ‘Frisky Fiona’

Alterations to the menu

You’ll notice now that the WHOLE Secret Diary section has gone – because it’s not needed anymore.

Instead, you’ll find the Secret Diary Posts are in with the ‘News’ section, making the whole thing look a lot tidier.

Enjoy going through our new Share to View Secret Diary posts, especially as they’re now FREE and we’ll see you next time!

This post was originally posted on Midlands Maidens Nottingham Escorts by the News team.


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