Shelly Gets the Wellie

Shelly Gets the Wellie

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Last Updated on Monday, August 21, 2023

Shelly Gets the Wellie

Looks like our latest milf has flown the nest – see why our latest girl Shelly gets the wellie in our latest post.

Shelly started really well, though we kept needing to remind her to answer the phone, and then to call clients straight away.

After these couple of initial problems though, Shelly performed really well, making over £800 on her first week, and over £600 on her second week, putting her in the high accolade of being one of our most successful recruits.

So what went wrong?

Shelly’s problem was that she was always making demands on us for more bookings, as she needed to pay a few household bills.

Nothing wrong with that though, and we were only too happy to send her over to any client that fancied a milf.

The problem as we saw it, was that she threw it all away over a new job that paid her just over £300 for a FULL WEEK – meaning that she was ‘using’ us somewhat to tide her over until this new job came along.

She then developed ‘selective hearing’ syndrome whenever we tried to contact her.

The fact that Shelly earned double, or even triple her new job’s wages in both of the two weeks that she was with us, emphasises the fact that she is not one to take a chance or to get rich, preferring instead to stay in the doldrums with her little job.

Following a week of selective hearing, we decided to pull the plug on Shelly last night.

We would like to wish Shelly the best of luck for the future, even though it’s a low-paid future.

That conveniently leads us on to the next bit then, in could you be Shelly’s replacement?

Shelly proved that even a milf (with no limits) can make a really good wage by working at Midlands Maidens.

That also goes for stick-insect blondes and brunettes, busty blondes and brunettes, red-heads of either the stick-insect or busty variety, and all manner of other girls that can float a client’s boat.

You should be punctual, well spoken, know how to have fun and give fun back, speak fluent English, and always scrub up well when going to meet a new client.

If you think that this could be you, then give us a call, or pop over to the application form page, to let us know that you’re available:

It’s now time to say goodnight from our ‘Shelly Gets the Wellie’ post, and we look forward to meeting any new applicants very soon!

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