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Ships That Pass in the Night

Ships That Pass in the Night

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Last Updated on Sunday, March 12, 2023

Ships That Pass in the Night

It looks like Christine has felt the Maidens stress factor, as she becomes the latest version of ships that pass in the night.

Even though she had previously worked at Midlands Maidens and earned a wad full of cash, and even though she also took a wad full of cash earlier this week if only to prove to any wannabee Maidens out there that all you’ve got to do is make yourself available, she declared this morning that her home-life had once again become untenable and stressful even though she’d been advised on how to avoid it this time.

Christine still didn’t realise that mummy and Midlands Maidens know best (hey, we’ve been running for sixteen years you know), but she was also advised that her place here will be reserved should she change her mind.

All of which leaves us struggling again:

Once more we’re down to two girls.

Those two girls will probably be run off of their feet tonight.

Could you carry the Midlands Maidens’ standards, required to bring you into the class of the elite VIP escort?

We are looking for at least THREE blonde girls, TWO or THREE brunette girls, ONE or TWO redheads, and ONE or TWO black girls that will not fuck us about, or have atrocious attitude problems, and can uphold the standards demanded by the leading VIP escorts agency in Nottingham.

Anyone applying must NOT play the ‘Race Card‘, as this will mean an immediate exit from the interview location.

You will initially be set on as a self-employed Maidenette until you send photos over for your profile page when you will be promoted to a full Maiden.

Your availability to work for us should be good (at a minimum) and you should also own a contract phone or sim card so that we can contact you regarding appointments, security and general advice.

Finally, a quick video to whet your appetite on ‘Becoming a Maidenette’:

With that we will say our goodbyes, get run off of our feet, and look forward to your applications either via the APPLICATION FORM, via WhatsApp, or via the phone on 07983-910-208.

You can also check out the new Midlands Maidens Escorts Jobs page which was built with Maidenette applications in mind.

Ships that Pass in the Night was originally published on Midlands Maidens Nottingham Escorts by the NEWS and SECRET DIARY teams.

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