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Slave 105

Slave 105

Last Updated on Sunday, March 27, 2022 by Midlands Maidens

Slave 105

We’ve got a really nasty treat (?!?) in Room 101 this time, as we show you the Perils of Slave 105 with both water/hard-sports and branding.

A slightly different format for this one, as we’re using the videos streamed directly from the Motherless website in a combination with our Visual Link Preview set-up.

It runs longer than War and Peace in a full 23 episode run of Slave 105’s trials and punishments.

See how our poor slave gets degraded from a fairly nice looking guy, into a battered, tortured and branded piece of flesh that his own mother wouldn’t recognise, in a full showing over five full days of never-ending torture.

To watch the videos, click on the links provided (ad-blocker preferred but not necessary as Motherless is one of the good sites out there) and scroll down a short way to find the video.

For those that can stomach it – here we go!

Slave 105 Part one

It’s the first day in bondage for 105, and the last day that he’ll be recognisable before his torture begins.

Each of his ‘owners’ greets him in their own special way, and they start to re-form his body from slap number one into something more befitting of an owned slave.

Day 1

Ad break


Slave 105 Part Two

Day two of the ‘slave owning’ begins quite tamely as the girls just seem to want 105 to give them some pleasure.

This all changes quite dramatically at the end of the day though, as he is given a make-over more befitting of a slave in order to meet tomorrows new ‘owners’.

Day 2

Ad Break


Slave 105 Part Three

Day three of the torture starts out easy enough, as once again, all the girls seem to want to do is pleasure themselves.

This is a false sense of security for 105 though, as following the pleasuring, the girls give him a harsh beating and then apply the ultimate humiliation by torturing him internally.

Day 3

Ad Break

Slave 105 Part Four

Following his severe torture yesterday, 105 is now introduced to The Warden, who after inspecting him, chooses a selection of whips which will torture him before her.

After The Warden’s own whipping session that makes him shit himself from his fisted arse, 105 is fitted with a ‘tena lady for men’ pad and led into the lounge, where more whipping and cigarette burns now ensue.

Ad Break

Slave 105 – The Final Humiliation

After nearly a week of humiliation and degradation, and the girl’s bowels and bladders all full again, it’s back to human toilet duty for 105.

This time, the girls have rigged up a canopy to do their business in, which is set up in such a way that if 105 doesn’t eat and drink everything, then he’ll drown.

The girls are using the gimp from next door to tongue their arses clean and to take a few of 105’s lashes and kickings.

Finally, the girls take 105 for one last branding.

Well, what a showing that was!

We hope that you enjoyed our premiere of ‘The Perils of Slave 105’ and that it didn’t put you off your dinner too much.

We hope that you also enjoyed our ‘ad breaks’ of various Japanese girls being exhibitionists, all with COVID19 masks on.

Join us next time for more fetish posts from Room 101!

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