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social distancing

Social Distancing

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Last Updated on Wednesday, April 12, 2023

Social Distancing

Really does astound us how people try to flaunt the present social distancing rules by booking escorts and then wanting an incall to boot.

Incalls were the first thing we cancelled a couple of weeks ago, when the coronavirus started to rear it’s ugly head, but that doesn’t stop daft punters applying for them apparently.

So anyway, last night when myself and Louise were in the office, socially distant enough to comply with government regulations, but just close enough for Louise to keep intentionally flashing her panties :) in come a few text messages from Leicester.

Now there’s no way we would send a girl out to Nottingham whilst these regulations are in force, let alone Leicester, so we thought we’d have a little fun.

‘Sure we can send a girl out – just send us a copy of your Social Distancing Exemption Certificate’‘.

‘Whats an exemption certificate?’

‘Well you’d know if you had one, so you haven’t got one then’?

‘No, but there’s cash waiting’.

‘Sorry, but without a valid certificate, we cannot send a girl out’.

So then it went quiet for a little and then came a message that there was cash waiting again.

So Louise decided to call the idiot.

No reply though, so we sent a message back saying that Louise had tried to call, but no answer, so booking was off.

‘I’ll call you back in 10’ came the reply, and as far as I’m aware, we’re still waiting.

So for those daft punters that need a Social Distancing Exemption Certificate, here’s one that was provided this morning by one of our clients:

Social Distancing Exemption Certificate

To be valid, the card must be signed on the back by two high court judges and three referees, and must not have spunk on it.

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