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Special Offers at Midlands Maidens

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Last Updated on Sunday, May 26, 2024

Special Offers at Midlands Maidens

Our recent price rises have virtually eradicated the nuisance calls aprés midnight as people realise that they now have to pay proper wages.

It’s also given us some time to ponder over a few special offers, the first of which is outlined below.

Special Offers Section

You may well have noticed the totty with her arse hanging out on the homepage, and we thought it looked so good that we’d give it a run-out before the event.

Starting on Monday 28 January though, this first of our special offers become live.

Anyone making an appointment to see one of our Maidens between 12 pm – 6 pm can now do this using our OLD prices – ie for £150 per hour – giving you a full £50 discount on our new prices.

This is for one-on-one local OUTCALL bookings only and will serve as a nice dinner-time or coffee time treat for all those taking advantage of it.

We’ve applied this discount on the advice of a few of our girls, as those that were working in the daytime were finding it hard going against other providers who operate at lower rates, due to them not having the eloquent staff members and punters preferring to take the lower price rather than splash out.

When using our special offers appointments, they will remain as ALL-INCLUSIVE, meaning that there is no need to pay ‘extras’ for transport and services, meaning for those brief six hours, Midlands Maidens are once again the best value in the city!

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The PFVF Feed Section

Something that is NOT so obvious that we’ve added, is our Porn and Fetish Video Feed, which is an extension of the Room 101 section.

This section contains daily (and sometimes twice daily) updates of videos from our friends at Heavy-R, who is as near as dammit to our fetish section but can sometimes go a little overboard on their video feeds.

The section is age-restricted – the same as Room 101 – so you need to be over the age of 18 to view it.

We hope that you enjoy the feeds, and we also hope that you will enjoy the first of our special offers, and we’ll look forward to your phone calls, messages and comments.

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