Special Sandwich Fillings

Special Sandwich Fillings

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Last Updated on Monday, August 21, 2023

Special Sandwich Fillings

Last year, we published a post about special sauces. Now we’re publishing a post about special sandwich fillings, Room 101 style!

Our Father,

Who art in Heaven,

Give us this day our daily bread,

Complete with sandwich fillings 🙁


Before we start this post, we should mention that Miss Nina Agdal, the model in the featured image, is a Sports Illustrated supermodel – and aside from the fact that we chose one of her images to portray this post, she does not appear in the content of this post in any way, shape or form.

The original ‘special sauces‘ post proved to be incredibly popular, taking over the most popular and ‘Trending Today’ spot for over four weeks.

We’re now taking the step of throwing this into the Femdom community so that we can see the special sandwich fillings that they come up with.

Our suggestion is that you watch these videos with no pants or underwear on, as we can guarantee that ‘little Johnny’ will be straining at the leash to get out.

Also, pace yourself and watch the videos in four or five showings.

There is going to be a run of four videos this time, all of them making you heave and gag more than the last one.

First, we’re going to see a tiny little girl having her first taste of sandwich fillings, then it will be over to another girl, who is making her husband’s packed lunch and licking the plate where she dropped a little.

Then we will be going over to the strict Femdoms, where one set lets the slave try and catch the fillings, but any that he misses will be scooped up and spread on his own personal sandwich.

Finally, we see a couple of Femdoms packing up for the night and realising that there’s a ham sandwich left over. This is quickly garnished with a special filling, and the slave is forced to eat every last piece.

That’s enough of the spoilers, lets’s go to the videos!

Video 1 – SexandCandy18 has her first bite.

A short video to start with, as SexandCandy18  decides to test the waters:

Video 2 – Girl prepares husbands packed lunch.

This is an anonymous video, showing a girl unpacking a fresh baguette, and then spreading it with a copious supply of ‘wee jüs’.

She then gives it a special filling by pooping onto it and then garnishes it with lots of girlie cum.

Finally, she re-packages the baguette so that her husband has a great meal for the next day, not forgetting to clean the plate that was splattered with a little poop.

(The background music is as intense as the baguette, so you might want to turn it down):

Video 3 – Left-over Sandwich.

Over to the Femdoms and their slaves now, where one of them seems most put out that this slave would not eat her poop.

After a quick discussion, it was decided that the other Femdom would force him to eat, and any leftovers would be scooped up and put onto a sandwich, which then he would be forced to eat in front of them:

Video 4 – Ham Sandwich With Garnish.

This one was the hardest to find as it’s been deleted from most everywhere on the internet, but we think that you’ll love our perseverance in grabbing a copy for you.

The poor slave sits in his cage, thinking himself lucky as the Femdoms are packing up for the night.

Suddenly, one of them finds a ham sandwich that she was going to have for her lunch earlier, and rather than waste it, they decided to feed it, all garnished, to the slave – who heaves and gags right until the bitter end:

We hope that you enjoyed (?!?) our post on special sandwich fillings, and join us next time for more kink and perversions in Room 101.

Originally published on Midlands Maidens Nottingham Escorts by the FETISH team.


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