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Special Sauce

Special Sauce

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Last Updated on Wednesday, September 20, 2023

We thought we’d do a ‘double header’ this time in Room 101, with three shorter clips and then two longer ones featuring special sauce.

As you may well have guessed, these videos featuring special sauce are not barbecue, hot-chilli or mild curry sauces, they are in fact ‘cum’ sauces that have been milked out of some lucky guy and sprinkled on food.

I guess the fetish for this one then is ‘internal sploshing’.

Our first short video features a young girl having her breakfast, when her partner comes along and donates his special sauce as an addition to the milk. Ever the perfect gentleman, he notices that she doesn’t have a drink, so he pisses into a glass for her:

Our next short video shows ‘Naomi’ deciding to have a meal at KFC, whilst flashing the customers in there with her profound exhibitionist skills.

Watch as she realises that her favourite cum special sauce is not on the menu, so she takes the camera-man into the toilets and wanks him off into a condom to provide her with cum sauce a plenty:


Our next video features another young girl who has just been to McDonalds for a big mac burger. Realising that she forgot to pick up her favourite sachet of sauce, she gets her partner to wank her off with a Lovesense, and then cum all over her McFlurry before slurping it all down:


Following those three ‘shorts’, we now come onto the longer videos.

The first one features ‘Laura Teen’, who is on her usual gangbang follies, resplendant in white lingerie with pink trimmings and teeth braces.

Watch as she gets handed a fairy-cake and then gets the guys to wank into her mouth and lets it go all over her cake before eating it.

Finally, she goes over to her gangbang partner and licks out another version of special sauce from her pussy:

Finally this time in Room 101, we publish another video that got deleted in the Pornhub scourge.

We were taking notes though, and even though the compilation video has now gone, we found a full-length video of the most popular clip, showing a girl dripping an anal creampie into a cup of coffee:

We hope that you’ve not over-filled your coffee or dinner plates with special sauce, and we look forward to seeing you next time for more fetish fun!

Originally published on Midlands Maidens Nottingham Escorts by the FETISH team.


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