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State of That Fukka – Midlands Maidens Interviews

Last Updated on Sunday, March 27, 2022 by Midlands Maidens

State of That Fukka – Midlands Maidens Interviews

State of that Fukka – first off we’d like to say that the girl in the lead photo is a million miles better than what turned up today.

During this non-interview (because even Stevie Wonder wouldn’t accept the state of that fukka) it was let slip that one of the girls was already working at VIP Call girls – probably using the name ‘Joanne’.

This means that some of you lucky customers are in for a great surprise when it turns up looking just like the girl that you didn’t think much of in the bar.

All we can say is that it’s a good job that VIP has a ‘you must pay or we’ll sort you out’ policy so that the girl at least gets £70 for turning up – all but the most severe beer goggles would reject this little combination immediately!

Full report and photo gallery follows – if you can stand it that is!

So we had a WhatsApp message, asking for an interview.

As is our policy, we asked for a few photos with at least two selfies amongst them and shortly after, we got a run of ten more photos.

We had our suspicions straight away about the content – two or three of the selfies were of a dumpy little bugger, one or two of them were okay, and the run of ‘professional photos’ were all from a Bucharest website.

Already having worked out that the accent was Bulgarian, Polish or whatever, we thought we’d invite her down anyway as there was a spare slot available in the afternoon.


LocationThe Stage

Interview time3 pm

It got to around 3.20 pm and we gave Amelia a call to see where she was. Turns out she was lost near ‘Primark’ so directions were given and Amelia – plus a friend – arrived at around 3.30 pm.

The excuse for being late was that the taxi driver got lost, but it’s an incredible taxi driver who can drop off two girls in a pedestrian area.

It quickly became apparent why the other girl was there with Amelia – she was her translator as she couldn’t speak a word of English!

No surprise then that even VIP wouldn’t take on the dumpy bugger!

Both girls being as piss poor as each other, and, looking at the state of that appearing to have come straight down from Forest Road Red Light Area, we appeared to show interest but said that we’d call to say what the result of the application was.

We find it disgraceful that girls like this are even considered – let alone taken on – in the escort industry, as this shambles gives everyone a bad name that it is hard to recover from.

It’s obvious that VIP doesn’t give a shit about reputation or repeat clientele, and we would urge you to think very carefully before you even consider using them.

Anyway enough of the rattle – here are the photos from today.

First off – the dumpy bugger ones:

Now for the ones that aren’t quite as bad as the previous ones:

And finally the ones from the Bucharest escort website:

And there endeth our ‘state of that fukka’ review on our interview.

We apologise profusely for not taking it/them on, but we consider that our clients would need a stronger pair of beer goggles to get over the experience!

State of That Fukka was originally posted on Midlands Maidens Nottingham Escorts by the SECRET DIARY team.


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