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STDs For Devices

STDs For Devices

Last Updated on Sunday, June 12, 2022 by Midlands Maidens

STDs For Devices

An infection on one of your devices needs rectifying immediately, otherwise, STDs For Devices will take over your PC or Phone.

Another techie post within a couple of days of the last one?

Yes, but rather than explaining what’s happening within the Midlands Maidens website, this issue could potentially affect hundreds, if not thousands of users, and Midlands Maidens will not stand by and watch it happen.

The website in question here is that poorly maintained ‘rag’ of a forum website – UK Punting.

We noticed last week that there was a PUP (Potentially Unwanted Program) running on it, and this week it’s turned into a fully-fledged Trojan.

How can you prove that?

Hey, it wasn’t us who noticed – it was our Malwarebytes security program.

Here’s what happened when we tried to gain access to UK Punting THIS week:

Malwarebytes Warning

For those of you that wanted to view exactly what a Trojan is, here’s the curated page from the Malwarebytes Website.

We would suggest that you download at least the FREE version of Malwarebytes, which also contains a free 14-day trial of the premium version to get your devices fixed.

If there ARE any traces of unwanted programs or Trojans, after scanning with Malwarebytes JUST ONCE, these programs will be placed into quarantine, where they cannot do any more harm.

From the quarantine, they can then be fully deleted if you so wish.

After the free trial ends, you can either purchase the full version for around £35 a year or continue to use the free version for as long as you wanted.

Think of it like a service provider that provides bareback sex – Malwarebytes is your condom to prevent your device from getting an STD.

We hope that you enjoyed our latest post about protection and safety, and join us next time for more of our opinions.

STD’s For Devices was originally published on Midlands Maidens Nottingham Escorts by the NEWS team.



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