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Street Prostitute

Street Prostitute Flashes At Lads In Car

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Last Updated on Sunday, August 20, 2023

Street Prostitute Flashes At Lads In Car

Just a little warning about the street prostitute scene in Nottingham that we just found on one of our link-back websites.

This one is a particularly nasty piece of work, arguing the toss with one of her punters, then coming over to the car with a transparent piece of ‘nicey-nicey’ chat-up lines – so transparent that only a case of severe beer goggles wouldn’t be able to see through it.

Enjoy the write-up and make sure you watch the video which was taken on a mobile phone by one of the lads in the car.

Nottingham is known for its rough street prostitutes… but this piece of work is a whole new level.She was spotted on Mapperly Road on Friday night having an argument with what seems to be a punter.A group of lads filmed her, then she marched over to their car and flashed at them. Then she offers them whatever they want for just £1!The clip made its way onto the Sun and they named Nottingham’s street of whores the red fright district.

Video via ‘The Sun’: Prostitute video

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