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Student Work

Student Work

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Last Updated on Wednesday, April 12, 2023

Student Work

We were looking in our News Section earlier (no newspaper needed when using Midlands Maidens), when this item on student work caught our eye:

Curated from Nottinghamshire live –

Experts believe the rise is due to university students struggling to pay off their student loans

Source: Students are having sex for money and selling their underwear due to financial problems – Nottinghamshire Live

Here at Midlands Maidens, we are renowned for refusing students point blank, but why is that?

And if a student came along right now and wanted to join us, would we represent her?

The clue to the answer comes in the second of those questions – would we represent her?

Keep that thought in mind whilst we show you our recruitment video, presently airing on YouTube:

As you will see from the video, we do not EMPLOY girls, we REPRESENT them.

This means that you can work whenever and wherever a client wishes to meet you without the need for a work rota, bearing in mind that we also revel in repeat bookings and extensions as our girls are renowned for their experience and proficiency.

The problem with this way of working, is that any student work intake has to uphold our high standards.

Hey, we’re not for one minute saying that ALL students are lazy buggers and out on the razzle at the first opportunity, even if there are clients waiting to see them – just the majority of students.

These ‘razzle-seekers’ will study hard, pass their exams, and then join the queue for a zero hour contract, stacking shelves at Asda and permanently clipping their wings.

By the time they’re in Asda, they realise that if only they’d listened carefully to our advice, and gained a career in the adult/escorting industry, they’d have plenty of time to seek a new job – hey in fact, many of them don’t even bother looking for a new job!

The whole point of working with Midlands Maidens is to gain a fully fledged career in the escorting industry, meaning that you are in charge of the bookings we take, and your availability (as in any career move) should be paramount to fitting in with your clients needs.

The right girl, with the right availability, can earn astronomical amounts in this industry, purely by following the simple rules we set out at the interview to keep you totally safe.

Don’t get us wrong, not ALL agencies follow our methods and ideals, and some of them are right ‘gangsta’ types that will be kicking your door down for the agency fees if you’re half-an-hour late in paying them.

The simple thing to remember here is that ALL of the ‘gangsta’ type bosses were sacked from Midlands Maidens at one time or another due to them giving poor services, extortion, threats etc, so make sure that you do your research and don’t get hoodwinked by the receptionist ‘sounding really nice’.

If we’ve not scared you off by now and you either want to prove to us that we’re wrong about students, or that you’re one of those students who can uphold our high standards, we’d love to hear from you.

Fill in the form found in the link below and we’ll look forward to meeting you!

Originally published on Midlands Maidens Nottingham Escorts by the NEWS team.


Lead image from Sputnik International.

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