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Summer Recruitment 2022

Summer Recruitment 2022

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Last Updated on Wednesday, April 12, 2023

Summer Recruitment 2022

It’s that time of year to show you our next ‘jobs’ video – this time with the incredibly vague title of Summer Recruitment 2022.

There are plenty of dancing girls, many of them going REALLY near the knuckle for a recruitment video, but at least that will keep the guys happy.

Watch as the three girls in the intro find their way to their seats in the local adult movie theatre  and get ready for some intense bean flicking.

A short series of messages follows, regarding what we’re looking for in our summer recruitment drive, and then it’s on with the show!

Here then, this time exclusive to Midlands Maidens is our latest video:

Quick disclaimer:

None of the girls in the above video work for Midlands Maidens, but we chose a few of their publically available videos to emphasise the types of girls that we are looking for.

The girls in the video above may of course choose to apply if they so desired.

Well, it’s getting a little warm in here, and our speciality is to keep you all hot and bothered even in the depths of winter!

To do that though depends on who we take on at Midlands Maidens, which so far this year would have left you as flat as a flat thing, with only a couple of girls proving to be the exception to this rule.

In addition to looking as attractive as possible, even at daft o’clock in the morning, we are looking for the following types of girls who can give:

  • 1) Punctuality.
  • 2) Realistic Images (not fake).
  • 3) Scrubs up really well.
  • 4) Punctuality.
  • 5) Being an agony aunt and psychoanalyst, going wild in the bedroom and giving our clients real value for money.
  • 6) You must be fluent in the English language,
  • 7) You MUST have a contract phone or sim-only deal.
  • 8) Punctuality.

It’s not a typo that we added ‘punctuality’ three times, as that trait is probably the most important for a client who is on his lunch hour, or who needs to pick his missus up from the train station in two hours.

If you turn up half an hour late, then the client will probably need to turn you away, and Midlands Maidens DOES NOT CHARGE A TURNING UP FEE!!!

It will (or should) be plainly obvious from the realistic photos that you send over to us who you are, meaning that only your conversational skills will be tested at one of our interviews, plus of course that you ‘scrub up well’ – meaning that girls wearing trackie bottoms and other unsuitable items will find that their interview is terminated before it’s started.

Anyone over the age of 18 can apply to join us, but if you are under 22 years old, we will require some sort of photographic ID.

Previous successful applicants have included:

  • Ex-employees of two of the three emergency services,
  • Secretaries,
  • Office workers,
  • Students,
  • Athletes,
  • Front-of-house zero-hours employees,
  • Delivery drivers,

…all of whom have given up on their previous chosen fields to come into this lucrative industry, as well as girls that are out of work and ‘girls least likely to succeed’.

All girls whether they are ex-police commissioners down to benefit claimants are treated in exactly the same way when starting out and will eventually find that new type of ‘buzzing’ in their new careers.

Here’s to your success, and we’ll look forward to inviting you onboard very soon!

Summer Recruitment 2022 was originally published on Midlands Maidens Nottingham Escorts by the NEWS and SECRET DIARY teams.

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