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System of a Design

System of a Design

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Last Updated on Wednesday, April 12, 2023

System of a Design

Here’s what we’ve been working on during the last week then, accompanied by some apt music we present our new System of a Design!

Strange title for a blog post?

That’s what we thought too, but whilst Louise was messing around with the mobile version of the design, and having the occasional nag as to why the photos looked wider on a mobile, and at the same time ‘Chop Suey’ was playing on YouTube, it all became obvious about the title.

For those of you that are old buggers, the reasoning will become apparent later.

Ok, so we’ll get the techie stuff out of the way first. and then get onto the more enjoyable stuff with a gallery of all the new images used and our System of a Design video.

TWO new Designs

As we’re now needing to design for PC’s and mobiles, the simplest way to do this was to create TWO new front pages – you guessed it – one for PC’s and laptops, and one for mobiles.

We also designed it so that anyone ROTATING their mobile into a landscape view would then see the TABLET view, which saved us needing to create a third version.

New Imagery

The first thing you’ll now notice is the new slider at the top of the page.

Constructed specifically to allow branding and a couple of taglines within the images, this to our minds looks really good!

The entrance page link to the galleries has been removed, as there are now individual links to all of the girls’ profile pages just below the slider.

Finally just below the upper design, is a little introduction as to what Midlands Maidens is all about. On a PC or laptop, this contains a landscape image background, but on mobile, it contains a portrait image background.


According to our heatmaps, it showed that no-one was really bothered about testimonials or the partner sites, so these have now been removed.

Other than these, everything else should be working and showing as normal.

The more enjoyable stuff

As promised earlier, here are ALL the images used in our ‘system of a design’ upgrade.

We promise that they’re all there, it might just be that you need a PC or a mobile to see all of them!

Finally, then we come to the ‘apt music’ mentioned above, lending its name to our system of a design post.

Here are SYSTEM OF A DOWN playing ‘CHOP SUEY!’ that was playing in the background whilst we were designing the new layout:

We hope that you enjoy using the new layout, and as usual, if there are any problems, leave us a note on our SUGGESTIONS page.

Originally published on Midlands Maidens Nottingham Escorts by the NEWS team.


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