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Face Painting

This time in Room 101, we’ve decided to calm it down a little and concentrate on face painting (for big boys and girls).

Omicron Warning

Well, we did warn you that governments throughout the world were looking to fuck you up, and the Omicron Warning does just that.

End of Lockdown

May 17 sees the return to indoor hospitality, meaning we can all go for a drink without an umbrella. Is this really the end of lockdown?

Covid Scam

We’d just like to show a few official figures, which to our mind proves that the latest ‘tiers’ system is a total governmental covid scam.

Lockdown Returns

Another un-needed lockdown returns this week (Thursday), as the UK Government try their best to make it a ‘No-Nut-November’ for everyone.

Sex Bubble

Looks like COVID19 is doing the rounds again, but we think that we’ve found the ideal solution with our Midlands Maidens sex bubble.

Corona Virus Hoax?

By now, everyone that hasn’t been in a deep sleep for the past year will know about COVID-19. We are now calling this out as the Corona Virus Hoax.

Corona Virus

Evermore staying up to date, Midlands Maidens will be applying restrictions to girls and clients that show symptoms of Corona Virus.

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