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Tak Kurwa

This time, we’ve got a Ukrainian black satanic death metal band for you – Semargl playing their song Tak Kurwa.

Heaven Knows

It’s a long overdue return to the Music Box this time for the sultry Taylor Momsen and The Pretty Reckless with ‘Heaven Knows’.

This Womans Work

It’s back to the dystopian state of Gilead for this Music Box post, titled ‘This Womans Work’ as a homage to the wonderful scriptwriting and soundtrack.


We’re introducing you to the Butcher Babies this time in the Music Box, performing ‘Headspin’ from their latest album ‘Lilith’.

Ménage à Trois

We go into the deep, dark world of apocalyptic folk music and snuff movies with Menage à Trois from Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio in the Music Box.

Metal Covers

We’ve got a couple of Heavy Metal Covers this time for you in the Music Box, both of which were found completely by virtue of a  happy accident.

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