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Time to introduce a few new toys for you to watch and play with, when you visit the Midlands Maidens website.

More Toys (+18)

We’ve had to throw the Age Gate onto this post about more toys as it gets rather indecent towards the end. Here’s what’s been added to the website!

What a Week

In the couple or three thousand weeks we’ve been trading for, there’s not been many that we can say ‘what a week that was’ about.

Trending Topics

After a marathon coding session, we are now able to offer you a ‘Trending Topics’ section on both mobile and PC versions of the website.

Rant Rave

We’re having a rant rave session today at Midlands Maidens. Multiple things have got up our noses, and here is a selection of them.

New Menu Items

Regarding our new menu items, and a couple of other things you might need when navigating the Midlands Maidens Nottingham Escorts website.

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