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tattoos don't cut

Where Tattoos Do Not Cut the Mustard

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Last Updated on Sunday, August 20, 2023

Where Tattoos Do Not Cut the Mustard

Welcome to the latest news item – Tattoos Do Not Cut the Mustard –  in the Secret Diary!

In this latest post, we examine two things that are a most definite no-no as far as we’re concerned – tattoos, and a partial Snapchat filter – though at least the filter wasn’t covered with ears and noses.

Emma was about to test our theory that tattoos do not cut the mustard and that they can be even more of a giveaway than going full-face.

The photographs and details of this interview are coming right up:

Interview Details

Emma turned up on time and was very pretty, looking far younger than her admission of 30 years.

The conversation flowed nicely but then it came to something we had noticed on her original photographs – a multitude of tattoos.

We mentioned that clients might have a problem with these, so it was our policy NOT to photoshop them out and then if a client wished to see her, no-one could be accused of hiding anything.

A facial blur would be fine as that’s how many agencies work, but we have this big thing about transparency to clients, and hiding tattoos would be a no-no.

Emma wasn’t entirely happy with this decision and decided that her anonymity should take preference.

tattoos don't cut the mustard

We re-confirmed that it was transparency to clients that took preference and seeing as how the clients would be paying her wages, we could not risk sending her out on appointments where there was a fair chance that she would be turned away.

Quite frankly, tattoos don’t cut the mustard with lots of clients.

Sadly that’s where it ended, and it was a pity as she was a nice girl, but in our commitment towards our client-base, we think that they deserve something better than a girl that turns up looking nothing like they were expecting.

Emma’s Photos (with her permission):

Thanks for viewing the Secret Diary in its full glory, and we’ll see you next time!

Originally posted on Midlands Maidens Nottingham Escorts by the SECRET DIARY team.


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