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The Joy of Analytics

The Joy of Analytics

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Last Updated on Monday, August 21, 2023

The Joy of Analytics

We really HATE using Google Analytics as you need a PhD to use it. Find out how we overcame this, and how the joy of analytics came to Midlands Maidens.

We’re obviously using heatmaps now (as seen in THIS POST) and we have a little window showing our analytics report on the STATISTICS PAGE, so why is using Google Analytics so bloody difficult?

Put simply, you need a PhD to use it, and quite frankly we haven’t got the time to go through reams of books and videos for something that should just act and show naturally.

That is, until today.

We were just scouting around as someone mentioned that we should be using something called ‘dashboards’ for our website when we found this great article from ONLINE MEDIA MASTERS that wasn’t too technical at all, and also allows you to download full dashboards into your Google Analytics account!

So we grabbed SIX of the dashboards and we’ve been pottering about looking over them ever since!

We’ve added different browser types, entry and exit pages, geographical location dashboards which promise to be as stalky as you wanted, plus a few others.

These dashboards are naturally private so we cannot share them, but together with the heatmaps, they will help us to see what visitors want, and what they want to see more of!

More Graphs

It would be a pretty boring post if we were just about to write about the joy of analytics and leave it at that, so we thought we’d add a little light-hearted relief.

Regular viewers will probably remember the post we published a while ago now, concerning the ‘Hot/Crazy Matrix‘ about bunny boilers and the like.

Well surprise surprise, there is now a female version available called the ‘Hot Emotional Unavailability Matrix’ doing the rounds, which is filmed by a Ryan Gosling bunny boiler.

See what you think, even though the script is taken directly from the Hot/Crazy version and a few words changed here and there:

It’s right what they say, int it, that very few women could pull this off, and the above video is a prime example.

Just for the guys, here is a re-run of the original Hot/Crazy Matrix video:

We hope you’ve enjoyed our post on the joy of analytics, and the two videos outlining how to compare graphs.

Join us next time for more exclusive content!

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