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The Problem With Teens

The Problem With Teens

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Last Updated on Sunday, March 12, 2023

The Problem With Teens

Midlands Maidens were again reminded of the problem with teens working in this industry, following an interview this week.

Interview: B-B.

Location: The Pit and Pendulum.

Time: 1pm.

The Details:

B-B turned up an acceptable 10 minutes late.

She was English, 18 years old, green eyes, blonde hair, 5’5″ tall, dress size 4-6 and a bust size of 34C.

We made a point of asking B-B if she knew what working for an escort agency entailed and she was fine with it – the reason for this question becoming apparent later.

At first sight, the perfect jailbait girl to introduce to our clients, but her naivety in this industry and its workings, and life in general, left a lot to be desired.

She had to have ALL of the services explained to her, and she did not agree to A-levels but everything else would be ok at her discretion.

Again having to hurry the interview as a client was coming down for her first appointment, we gave her the nod and introduced her to her client.

We further agreed to meet up an hour later to see how this first appointment went and to make sure that she wasn’t scared off by the intensity of this industry.

The De-Brief:

B-B was really happy with how it all went and especially happy that she now had a full purse of cash.

We made a point of explaining that everything that happened from now on would be up to her, and her own application to her new position.

She would need to get a permanent line of credit for her phone (she was on a pay as you go burner phone) for calls to future clients, and she would need to get a run of around 10 – 20 photos sent over so that a minimum of five could be chosen for her profile page.

Downing our celebratory ‘pornstar martinis’, we said goodbye and waited for the incoming photos.

The Finalé:

At the time of writing, it’s Saturday morning and no photos of B-B have been received, and no line of credit has been bought.

A precursory message was sent yesterday to say that ‘this is not working’ but still no reply to this.

The problem with teens then is this:

There is nothing wrong with the way they look, but their application to starting out as a self-employed staff member is abominable.

We haven’t got the time to hold their hands whilst they go and get a line of phone credit, or to have their photos taken, so it’s looking like all applications from teenagers will now have to be via the application form only.

Ah well, you live and learn, don’t you?

Applications can be made to join Midlands Maidens and get a full purse of cash via the JOBS PAGE or via the Whatsapp logo at the bottom of this page.

Originally published on Midland Maidens Nottingham Escorts by the SECRET DIARY team.


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