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The Seventh Heaven Returns Lead Image

The Seventh Heaven Returns

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Last Updated on Monday, September 11, 2023

The Seventh Heaven Returns

We would like to announce the long-awaited return of a ‘golden oldie’ as the Seventh Heaven returns to Midlands Maidens.

It was put to all of our girls, that we were thinking of resurrecting one of our oldest and most popular offers, the Seventh Heaven.

With none of our girls working for us when we initially ran this scheme and only a couple of our clients being able to remember this outstanding offer, we are throwing our cards on the table and explaining it to everyone!

The Seventh Heaven is an offer designed to give something back to our clients, whose continued custom is priceless to us.

It is absolutely no use whatsoever to ‘book workers’, who tend to try and make an appointment with every girl on our books, and then go on to try elsewhere.

It is designed fully to accommodate ‘regular clients’ who will try everything possible to book an appointment with their regular girl.

How it runs:

From today (11th June 2023) every client making an appointment to meet one of our girls will be added to that girl’s meetings list.

When the girl’s meetings list shows SIX bookings, the client will be informed that his next appointment with her will qualify for a Seventh Heaven.

On your seventh appointment, you will still need to pay for the first hour, but following this first hour, you will receive one free hour that will be tagged onto your original appointment, meaning that you will get a two-hour appointment for the price of one hour, c/o your chosen girl and Midlands Maidens.

What if I book a girl for an extended appointment?

We’ve got that covered too – your Seventh Heaven will turn an Eight Hour extended appointment into a Nine Hour booking, and a Twelve Hour extended appointment into a Thirteen Hour booking.

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One of the girls adding a client to her meetings list whilst being shagged

In the Past:

The reason why the Seventh Heaven offer was discontinued is that ‘book workers’ were going through everyone, leaving the poor girl going over to the seventh appointment, to do a booking for half-price, with someone that she’d never met before.

This time though, the Seventh Heaven will be primarily for those clients that want to make an appointment to see their regular girl, thereby removing any friction.

We are looking forward to inviting you on board as one of our regular clients and giving you a few freebies!

Originally published on Midlands Maidens Nottingham Escorts by the NEWS team.

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