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The Unlucky Name Syndrome

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Last Updated on Friday, March 10, 2023

The Unlucky Name Syndrome

Some girls just have an unlucky name when it comes to escorting.

Dunno why – might be the way the sun was shining, might be the way that when the name was popular so many girls had this name that there was nothing about them, or it might just be us believing that it’s an unlucky name – either way, we are having real problems when any girl named ‘Emma‘ applies to join us.

There was nothing immediately wrong with this version of ‘Emma’, but her availability stank and her services were virtually non-existent.

Continue reading for the full diagnosis:

Applicant – Emma

Location – The Gateway

Time – 8pm

Emma arrived ahead of time and seemed pretty. We had high hopes for her as we sat down and began to converse.

A blue-eyed blonde, around size 8, 5’5″ tall and sporting a 32C bust, all she had to do was even slightly convince us, and the position was hers.

That’s the good news – what followed, however, was not good at all.

Starting with the services, she agreed to dinner-dates but would prefer to do massages rather than sex, as she didn’t want to let her boyfriend down.

So ever the professionals, we moved on to availability. ‘I can do at least four, maybe six hours a week’ said Emma ‘except for odd weekends, when I won’t be available’.

Finishing up the interview, we explained that many clients wouldn’t be happy with her arrangements, but we would ‘keep her in mind’ (for those clients that DID actually want nothing at all).

Pity, as Emma was a really pretty girl, but being pretty does not always carry an appointment off.

Here are her application photos, shown with Emma’s permission:

Following the interview, we phoned up to confirm that she would be available if a client wanted to see her, but the three calls we gave remained unanswered.

So as far as we were concerned, the unlucky name syndrome continued, and that was that.

The Unlucky Name Syndrome was originally published on Midlands Maidens Nottingham Escorts by the SECRET DIARY team.


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