This Womans Work

This Womans Work

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Last Updated on Wednesday, April 12, 2023

It’s back to the dystopian state of Gilead for this Music Box post, titled ‘This Womans Work’ as a homage to the wonderful scriptwriting and soundtrack.

The song itself, of course, was written once again by Kate Bush, who would have been flattered to know when it was penned in the early nineties, that it would be used with so much visual impact in 2020.

The scene itself though is much darker and takes place at the start of series two.

Herded like cattle through a concentration camp that is more akin to Belsen than Gilead, the Handmaids eyes finally become accustomed to the light of a baseball stadium, with some horrifying additions.

All fitted with ball-gags and leather mouth covers, the Handmaids realise where they are and any muffled screams are met with the guardian’s cattle-prods or their feet.

We won’t say any more for fear of adding ‘spoilers’ to this astounding scene – just don’t go pissing yourself like the poor Handmaid standing next to June.

With that, here is the scene from series two, episode one of The Handmaids Tale:

This Womans Work was originally published on Nottingham Escorts UK by the Midlands Maidens Music Box team.


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