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ticket to write

Ticket to Write

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Last Updated on Wednesday, April 12, 2023

Ticket to Write

We’ve got a few things to tell you since the last post, some good things, some excellent things and some poor things. This is our ticket to write!

We’ll go from poorest to bestest then, and we’ll then be dropping all of these items into three (or more) individual posts this week.

1) The Poor.

This item will be coming up in a Secret Diary post and involves a couple of staff that just simply haven’t made the grade.

One of them has already been removed, but we’re leaving the final decision on the other staff member until tomorrow when we can see what excuse it will be this time (it was the weekend after all) but things are not looking good.

2) The Good.

Whist running through another re-run of The Handmaid’s Tale this weekend, we happened to come across an even more powerful scene than the one we previously published (Cloudbusting).

This item will be taking pride of place in our Music Box section, so prepare to get out the hankies and sample the pure horror of this amazing world!

3) The Excellent.

You will have noticed by now that the website has had a subtle name-change, from Midlands Maidens Nottingham Escorts (dot) com to Nottingham-Escorts (dot) co (dot) uk.

Find out the reasons for this change in a techie news item next week, where we will also be explaining how to migrate a whole website with just two lines of code in ten minutes.

All that coming up within the next week then, and we hope that you’ll be reading one or more of these items in our ticket to write!

The blog post ‘Ticket to Write’ was originally published on Nottingham Escorts UK by the NEWS team.


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