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Time-wasters From Both Sides

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Last Updated on Monday, August 21, 2023

Time-wasters From Both Sides

We’ve got bees in our bonnets today regarding time-wasters from both sides of the fence – clients AND applicants.


We actually built a new page all about this, stating what the prices are, at what times they are valid, and the payments available.

We also made sure that the rates for services were firmly installed on each girls profile page, complete with what the prices are, and what times they are valid, with a link back from each profile to the prices page to prevent any time-wasters needing to call.

Pretty simple, yes?

If we go to Amazon, or Ebay, or any other online shop, the prices are similarly displayed with a checkout cart, and a place to pay for your cart.

So why is it that a small percentage of potential ‘client’ time-wasters develop selective blindness when it comes to working out what the prices are for escorts?

Dunno, maybe they’re trying to cut the costs down to the same price they’d pay for a street-walker, or an (apparently) lower cost from another local provider, without first noticing that all transport costs and services are FREE at Midlands Maidens Nottingham Escorts (funny though how they always seem to have noticed the FREE bit).

So for those ‘client’ time-wasters that have developed selective blindness, here is a link to our PRICING PAGE so that we can call ourselves true gods and goddesses and make the blind see again!


You probably wouldn’t know this unless you’ve applied, but on the return email that is sent out to ALL those that apply to join us, are a few simple instructions and space where you can add a ‘convenient time to call you back’‘.

This means that we shouldn’t now have problems with calling you whilst you’re at work, whilst you’re doing the dinner, or whilst you’re having a shit (the having a shit thing is a little extreme, but we always call back at least THREE TIMES so that we’re bound to get you at least once in case you’re wiping your arse).

This has actually gone down quite well, and the majority of calls now get answered straight away.

Always the one though, isn’t there?

We called someone up last night and we couldn’t work out what this incessant noise and interference was, which obviously wouldn’t go down well with a client (unless he had selective deafness to go along with his selective blindness 🙂 ).

The message back was that ‘the daughter had woken up and could we call back at 10 pm? I’m serious about this, really could you call back later?’

Well obviously the applicant WASN’T serious about this, as if it was a client, he wouldn’t be jumping through hoops from a poor phone connection sounding like they were underwater, and would put the phone down and get back to the office.

[bctt tweet=”I’ve just read a post where Midlands Maidens are getting a bit cheesed off with idiots” username=” MidlandsMaidens”]

For both applicants and clients

Please make sure that your time-wasters blindness has been cured prior to making an appointment at Midlands Maidens, and for those applicants that wished to JOIN US, please treat our call-back as though you were talking to a client as this is the first part of your interview.

Originally posted on Midlands Maidens Nottingham Escorts by the NEWS team.


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