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Last Updated on Wednesday, April 12, 2023


Time to introduce a few new toys for you to watch and play with, when you visit the Midlands Maidens website.

The first thing that WE noticed, was that the run on new notifications has gone through the roof, so if you’re reading this post through our notification system, welcome to Midlands Maidens!

If you’re not reading this through the system, then SUBSCRIBE NOW via the big green button on the homepage.

playthings post 01

Your next tasty little treat concerns the Application form page.

Again, we’ve had many applications using the new form, but lots of these are from guys wanting to be male escorts, guys wanting to be drivers, and guys wanting to be drivers that are available for three-somes too.

The clue here guys, is in the name – Midlands MAIDENS, and following a few applications from drivers that have let us down, we now use an official taxi firm for any of the girls that either don’t drive, or would prefer not to drive.

Going back to the ‘tasty little treat’ bit, it’s just to confirm that the application form is working really well, and we look forward to seeing lots more female fizzogs applying.


informal British
A person’s face or expression.

c/o the Oxford English Dictionary

toys post 02

Our final toy for this time concerns the Pre-Loader Gallery page:

It’s been a while now since we moved from having a pre-loader on the front page, in favour of a lead image.

The main problem with this however, was that we were either stuck with a wonderful image on a desktop/laptop, that didn’t look right on a mobile phone – or an image that looked perfect on a mobile phone, but not so good on a desktop.

This was easily cured though by following the methods outlined in our System of a Design post, where we created one version for pc’s and tablets, and another for mobile phones.

The one thing that still didn’t look right though, was the pre-loader gallery page – so we’ve now doubled up on the galleries in there.

The top of the page looks the same, with likely candidates for screensavers and mouse-mats.

Underneath this though is a new section, which will contain mobile phone screensavers, whatsapp chat backgrounds, and images that you can place in most areas of your phone, and all of them now mobile phone shaped.

This has the effect that no matter which device you are using, you might fancy one of our phone screensavers or pc screensavers.

This service is bought to you completely free from Midlands Maidens.

toys post 03

We hope that you’ve enjoyed looking at our new toys, and also the anime toys and diaper girls in our post.

Join us next time for more fun from the Midlands Maidens Blog!

Originally published on Midlands Maidens Nottingham Escorts by the NEWS team.


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