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Trending Topics

Last Updated on Sunday, March 27, 2022 by Midlands Maidens

Trending Topics

After a marathon coding session, we are now able to offer you a ‘Trending Topics’ section on both mobile and PC versions of the website.

Just an experimental feature at the moment, the trending topics section features towards the bottom of the website on a PC, and replaces the Testimonials and Partner Websites content on a mobile, as we felt that mobile phone users weren’t really bothered about our ‘Link Partners’.

We’ve started off with the five most viewed (or trending) pages, posts, escort profiles and area pages so that you can see what other users are looking at on the website, and this is updated ‘as it happens’ on an hourly basis.

If you view the BDSM threads or feeds, people will know! (Only the post/thread will show, and NOT who’s viewing it – whew, eh?)

There is also a ‘clickable’ link on each of the trending topics so that you too can see what people are looking at.

The trending topics section is also viewable from our STATISTICS PAGE where it started out last night, but became so popular with our staff that we placed it onto the homepage.

This coincides with our huge #hashtagging mission, whereby ALL the posts and pages were suitably tagged as it was suggested that tagging and trending was the way to go nowadays.

This follows a little re-vamp of the website after we launched our pre-loader, which is viewable from the HOMEPAGE ONLY and will feature various images dependant on the time of year.

At present it features a Halloween loader, but expect further images of bonfire night, Christmas, and New Year to follow up, with other likely images lined up for your enjoyment.

We hope that you enjoyed our latest post, and we look forward to seeing what people are up to in our trending topics section!

Originally posted on Midlands Maidens Nottingham Escorts by the NEWS team.


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