truth or consequences

Truth or Consequences

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Last Updated on Wednesday, April 12, 2023

Truth or Consequences

Truth or consequences, reasons why it’s vital for a service provider to keep clients in the loop, and what happens when one of the staff lets them down.

We were a little taken aback earlier this week, when one of our long-standing clients rang up to give some feedback on one of our staff members.

Embarrassing for everyone concerned (except the staff member obviously who STILL hasn’t had her phone switched on), this girl will realise when she calls on for work what the consequences of her actions will be.

She will find that she has become an ex-Maiden just prior to the Christmas rush.

So what are the truth and consequences of working as a self employed girl in the escorting industry?

When a possible booking comes in, the Midlands Maidens office will do their best to pair up the right girl to the correct booking.

It’s incredibly rare for us to fail on this one, as nearly fourteen years of experience dealing with clients and our staff shows a viable shortlist of who to send.

The problem in the above case though was that no contact was made on the day as it was an advanced booking, and though we usually insist that the girl calls to advise the client that she’s on her way, we dropped the ball a little on this one.

We will not be making THAT mistake again!

So to stay being a staff member at Midlands Maidens, ALL girls will be required to call us (not a text message) prior to an advance booking, so that we can work out her time of arrival, and indeed her ‘state of health’.

The consequence for NOT contacting us will be that we send another girl over after discussions with the client, and the initial girl will be turned away – plus she will be banned from working for one week.

The ‘state of health’ mentioned above will also be noted, and anyone NOT calling due to feeling that they need to hide this from us will suffer the following:

Incapability to perform through alcohol abuse – immediate dismissal.

Incapability to perform through drug abuse – immediate dismissal.

A little strong there, you think?

Well no, not really – if a girl is going out pissed up to the nines or drugged out of her head, this makes a mockery of our careful planning in the first place.

These issues will be firmly stamped on without exception, and we hope that our client from the weekend when reading this will see that firm action has been taken against the offending girl.

Today’s Interviews.

Or as it happened – today’s interview (singular).

Normally this would go straight to the Secret Diary, but with us being in rant and rave mode today, it will appear in this section too.

We thought we’d invite the applicant who had previously declined the interview process due to her forgetting that she had a function in Birmingham to go to, and after she was in London with laryngitis, so leaving it until today when we knew that she’d be around.

We even let her state the appointment time – 1pm – so that there would be no comebacks.

Ringing her up at 11.30 this morning to confirm, she asked if we could make it a little earlier as she had a ‘solicitors appointment’ later.

‘Oh right, so that’s something else you forgot’ we said, as we were looking at places that opened earlier to get her interview sorted.

A torrent of abuse followed with her hanging up the phone, when in addition to recovering from laryngitis it appeared that she suffered from multiple sclerosis too.

This girl would never get a permanent job with ANY agency due to her outlandish excuses, and we know for a fact that our clients would not put up with her so she is quite welcome to go back to VIP Call-girls from whence she came.

Now onto the one good thing that happened today, meeting up with Katherine again.

Still just as cheeky as we remembered her, she had left to take a quick media studies course.

Thanks to the wonders of modern technology, her photos are already up on the website and for those sticklers amongst you, she is 27 years old, dress size 8, with a 32C bust.

Wonderful last time she was here, she is now ready to work through Christmas with us, proving that truth and consequences DOES have it’s good points!

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