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Christmas TV ads 2019

TV Ads Christmas 2019

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Last Updated on Wednesday, April 12, 2023

TV Ads Christmas 2019

We’ve been hanging on… and hanging on… but still no worthy contenders for the Christmas TV ads this year – they’re all rubbish.

It was bad enough at this time last year, when it was left to Elton John to come up with the goods, but this year it’s all animated crap doing politically correct things, making this years TV ads totally miss-able.

This year then, we’ve gone for a few Christmas TV ads that were marked as the best of all time, so see if you remember any of these:

It was 25 years ago that this first advert got aired on TV from the now struggling ‘Yellow Pages’. Back in the day, Yellow Pages was a huge volume of listings and adverts, but it’s latest offering is now more like a bound leaflet with them choosing rather to concentrate on their online (Yell) offshoot.

Here’s an advert from when they were in their prime featuring a kiss under the mistletoe:

Now a more recent TV ad from 2016 that sees Mrs Clause taking centre stage in a wonderfully put together offering from Marks and Spencers, where Santa’s better half delivers the perfect gift to a young boy’s sister:

Over to ‘Irn Bru‘ for our next TV ad that is a direct copy of the Raymond Briggs story of ‘The Snowman’.

The Snowman is outraged when the little boy won’t share his Irn Bru with him, so he promptly steals the can and lets go of his hand:

Onto the top 3 now, and this one is from John Lewis who have a REAL penguin in it (as opposed to an animated one).

We reckon that you’ll really be moved at the plight of a penguin called ‘Monty’ and the little boy who loves him:

A little bit of a surprise now from the Polish auction website ‘Allegro‘, who tell the story of a Grandfather learning English in order to communicate with a young child:

And so onto one of the most popular TV ads in recent years, and it was created by Sainsburys and the Royal British Legion in 2014 – on the centenary of the day that first world war combatants laid down their arms in favour of having a game of football:

So there we have it, our selection of the best Christmas TV ads in the last 25 years.

We hope you enjoy watching them, and we’d like to add our own regards here in wishing you a very Merry Christmas and many happy bookings to go with them!

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