Using AdBlock

Using AdBlock

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Last Updated on Wednesday, April 12, 2023

Using AdBlock

With the upcoming video hosting that we’ve acquired, we thought it was a good time to give a tutorial on using adblock software.

We hadn’t noticed anything wrong actually, due to our own anti-virus, malware and adblocking software already running on our systems.

A quick message from one of our viewers however, put this all into perspective in that not everyone browsing the Midlands Maidens website will have the same protection when it comes to hosted videos in the cloud.

Here then, is a quick guide on upgrading your own systems to the same specs as ours, and in the main it all comes FREE OF CHARGE!

Anti-Virus and Malware:

This all comes with no cost to yourselves, but we have elected to use the premium version for our pc’s.

Malwarebytes is an astounding piece of kit that keeps your pc or mobile device free of all trojans, pup’s and other nasties, and does a complete run of your pc once a day and quarantines any viruses that it finds, so that you can see them before deleting them.

As mentioned earlier, we use the pro version on our office pc’s, which enables immmediate quarantine and full protection, even more so than a durex:

The beauty of Malwarebytes though, is that it can also be downloaed from the App Store or Google Play Store for your tablet or mobile phone – here’s a video of Malwarebytes working on an Android phone:

Using AdBlock:

After the virus and malware protection then, comes the AdBlock protection, and the one used by Midlands Maidens is AdBlock Plus.

This can be downloaded from the Chrome Web Store, or the Firefox Store, both for free. You can also download AdBlock Plus for your mobile device too, meaning no more of this:

…as AdBlock Plus also blocks YouTube video ads!

It should be mentioned that although AdBlock Plus works on a tablet or mobile, it will only work on your operating system’s internet – that is Samsung Internet on your Android, or on Safari Browser on your iphone.

Using a Chrome or a Firefox browser on either of these types of mobile phones will immediately pull the ads back in, so you have been warned!

We hope that you enjoyed our brief tutorial, and now we can get back to perving over which videos we’re adding to our next Room 101 post!

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