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valentines day 2021

Valentines Day 2021

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Last Updated on Monday, March 13, 2023

Valentines Day 2021

It’s that time of year again, but with the lockdown still in place, at least Valentines Day 2021 won’t be commercialised!

With our ‘bah-humbug’ boots on, we hate the commercialism that takes place through various events throughout the year – Christmas Day turns into Christmas Month, Easter turns into Easter Week, and Valentines Day turns into Valentines Weekend, in the hope that more custom will generate overflowing tills because there’s an event shrouding it.

Not so this year though, and most husbands and wives or partners will need to perform consentual copulation with each other to the exclusion of others.

Yeah, Right:

We’ve already had a fair amount of ‘couples jobs’ passing through, all of which we’ve had to turn down due to there being no bisexual girls available, and the fact that only one-on-one bookings are being taken.

But what about those guys or girls with no partners?

If you’re in one of our sex bubbles, there won’t be a problem – appointments are still being taken for regular clients that have used us since the original lockdown in March 2020.

For those of you that HAVEN’T used us since last March, or haven’t used us at all, there is no answer better than humping your hand or solo bean-flicking to bring you off.

To help those of you in this last category out, we present:

The Valentines Day 2021 Totty Gallery:

After that little jaunt, we now have some music for you.

Shiori Tomita is a Japanese singer, and she partners up with a cross-dresser with a beard (Ladybeard) to bring you this heavy metal Valentines Day offering:

We hope that you enjoyed our presentation for Valentines Day 2021, and a special thanks to the MUSIC BOX team for the Valentines Kiss video.

Have a great Valentines Day, either alone or with someone special, and we’ll see you next time!

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