Versions of One

Versions of One

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Last Updated on Wednesday, April 12, 2023

Versions of One

Versions of One features three videos – all of whom are playing renditions of ‘One’ by the band Metallica.

A little bit of background on the song first – ‘One‘ is a true story about a World War One soldier that stepped on a land mine and became trapped within his own body, no arms or legs, no sight or sense of speech, smell or hearing, existing inside a living hell.

The original song was featured on the 1988 album ‘…And Justice For All‘, and has regularly been performed live ever since.

For the first of our Versions of One we go over to Mike Dawes who is a highly proficient guitarist, and proves it by playing the whole song, solo, on an accoustic guitar.

Enjoy this rather special version of ‘One’:

The second of our versions of one is performed, as our last video was, on one instrument, but this time the guitar is swapped for a harp.

Camille and Kennerly are better known as ‘The Harp Twins‘, and are two really pretty sisters who are proficient on the Nordic Celtic Harp.

Swapping their two harps for the one really big one (an homage to the song), we’ll leave you to be entranced by their skills, red tops and hair decorations:

2 girls, one harp:

For the final of our versions of one, we go straight to the horses mouth and feature Metallica playing a stunning version of the song, live on stage.

Metallica – One:

So if nothing else, and you’d never heard of ‘One‘ before, this post will have enlightened you.

For those of you that HAD heard of the song, we hope that we’ve added some diversity into this short playlist and kept you enthralled.

Either way, we’ve enjoyed compiling different versions of this song and made it quite clear that you learn something new every day!

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