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a very british brothel

Very British Brothel

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Last Updated on Friday, March 17, 2023

A Very British Brothel

We’ve got a pretty accurate documentary to show you this time called ‘A Very British Brothel’ which concentrates on a massage parlour in Sheffield on the Attercliffe Road.

The ‘City’ sauna/massage parlour is run by a mother/daughter team, Kath and Jenni, who whilst they say that a mother/daughter fetish would be the ultimate in pleasure for most customers, it’s not something that they would personally get into.

The documentary has a rather unique angle in that many customers agreed to have their faces and voices shown in full, though the cameras were not allowed into the occupied rooms. Never one to pass up on a free plug, we also noticed George McCoy was a frequent visitor – even if he DID keep his cap on throughout!

One item that was missing from the British Brothel documentary was the ‘custard scene’, but we managed to find ‘THIS ARTICLE’ published in the Daily Mail Online showing it in full, albeit pixelated in places for obvious reasons.

Whilst we’re not great fans of massage parlours – (the girls at Midlands Maidens would pick up the same fee for a full shift by taking a one-hour booking!), there is no doubt a demand for it – even though there was an outcry from the police after the British Brothel documentary was shown as TECHNICALLY, running a brothel is illegal.

So sit back for an hour or so, and enjoy our latest feature – A Very British Brothel!

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