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Virtual Sex With Lelu Love

Virtual Sex With Lelu Love

Last Updated on Thursday, April 22, 2021 by Midlands Maidens

Virtual Sex With Lelu Love

We’ve had a few enquiries this week as to what exactly ‘Virtual Sex’ is. Rather than us explaining, we’ll go over to Lelu Love who is an expert!

First, we’d better explain exactly who Lelu Love is, and why we’ve chosen her to portray our new Phone Sex (sexting, phone sex, video calls) section.

So the reason that we’re now offering Virtual Sex services is that at present, no-one is allowed out of their front door except for essential reasons.

‘Essential Reasons’ by the way does NOT include shagging, and with the six foot social distancing, you’d need at least a six and half foot knob to get a decent blow job.

Our ‘sexting’, ‘live phone sex’ and ‘video calls’ then can be considered ‘virtual sex’, and as mentioned earlier in this post, Lelu Love is a connoisseur at this art.

Virtual Sex is an extremely popular way of getting to know someone prior to actually meeting them.

Seeing as our girls are all devastatingly real and naturally horny, easily recognisable from their photos and/or video calls, it would take a brave provider to come forward and offer the same service with their photo-shopped ‘models’, who only exist in Bulgaria.

So we’ll get into the meat of virtual sex services then, with three videos of Lelu Love from PornHub.

This first video is of Lelu attending a job interview, and making sure that she has the right credentials to make her application a successful one:

Next we see Lelu answering an advert from Craigslist, and getting herself virtually satisfied in many positions before relaxing:

…and finally in a more topical vein, we see Lelu having escaped from zombies that have the T-Virus and making sure that she gets enough toilet rolls and groceries, using her own unique charms:

We’d just like to point out that even though Lelu has a cameraman going through the motions and making her shots look splendid, the cameraman does not speak at all.

In YOUR call to our escorts, it would be even more interactive as both of your voices would be heard by both of the players.

A particularly kinky type of call for you there then that perfectly epitomises our virtual sex service!

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