Vlog Update

Vlog Update

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Last Updated on Monday, August 21, 2023

We were busy doing other stuff on the website yesterday when we realised that a huge vlog update would be needed.

For those of you that aren’t aware what a ‘vlog’ is, it’s any normal post with a video in it, ie ‘video blog’.

Google are the main culprits (again) with their new ‘restricted content’ tags.

We were able to live with this up until a few weeks ago, when Google decided to cancel every single piece of content with a ‘restricted’ tag on it, from being able to embed videos into websites (like this one), and force you over to YouTube to watch it instead.

Apart from that though, we are now finding that Pornhub have removed 80% of its videos from the site, including NINE MILLION videos since the middle of December, due to accusations of child abuse:

PORNHUB has deleted over 80 per cent of its videos from the site, including nearly nine million overnight.

The popular pornography site stripped its content down to just 2.9 million uploads in its latest crackdown to contain only legally-abiding videos.

Why has Pornhub removed all unverified content?

Pornhub has deleted more than 10 million videos from its site in a crackdown following child abuse allegations Credit: Alamy


Source: Why has Pornhub removed all unverified content?

This now means that a lot of the Room 101 videos will have stopped working, until we can find replacements for those, as only verified members are now allowed to upload videos to there.

We will be trying our hardest to try and find any potential vlog update to these posts, containing identical videos, so you’ll have to excuse any gasping, panting and whipping sounds coming from the Midlands Maidens office today as we attempt to locate your videos (its a dirty job but someone’s got to do it!)

We’ll also be keeping our noses to the ground, trying to find a way to bypass Google’s handywork too, so keep watching!

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