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Watersports and Voyeurism

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Last Updated on Wednesday, April 12, 2023

Watersports and Voyeurism

We’ve managed to find a really hot – but short – watersports video for you this time featuring two unknown ‘actresses’.

Scrub that – we’ve now managed to find the full-length film!

The ‘voyeurism’ aspect here is rife, as the scenes are played out in full view of the general public – some of whom pretending that they haven’t noticed, and some of whom are quite aware what’s going on and can’t remove their goggles!

God knows how there were no accidents with the amounts of cars and bicycles running about, but during the film, you will see that it becomes more of a ‘dare’ thing as to how many people will see the actresses ‘doing their thing’.

We see the actresses performing watersports in private car-parks, then moving over to busy road junctions and bus stops, and even on the centre section of a zebra crossing, where the tell-tale wee-wee gives away what they’re doing.

At around 50 mins in, the guys start to make an appearance. The ‘surprise’ exclamations from the guys are obviously fake, but the passers-by as far as we can tell, are still real and shocked to see the goings-on.

This amateur video from Hungary is imaginatively titled ‘Public Lesbian Piss Swallowing’, and we invite you to join the Room 101 staff in watching it – and seeing how long you can keep your pecker quiet!

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Join us again soon as we find more fetish videos for you on the Room 101 channel!

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