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we are open

We Are OPEN!

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Last Updated on Wednesday, April 12, 2023

We Are OPEN!

Well from Friday 26th we are open, anyway…

It’s been a tough few weeks/months for everyone in this industry, but unlike many providers doing it on the sly, we’re proudly announcing that we are open!

It was nearly two months ago that we closed first the incalls, and then all meet-ups between our girls and our clients, in favour of doing solely ‘phone-sex’ bookings which whilst performing well, it’s nothing like the real anticipation of a real meet-up.

We’re now announcing that we are open starting on Friday 26th, but don’t get carried away, as there are stringent rules that we at the office, our girls, and our customers must agree to participate in, prior to a live meet-up.

Following are a few new rules that were set out by the management and the girls, to ensure that our staff remain safe during these times:

Type of Appointment:

1)  ALL appointments will be restricted to ONE-on-ONE MEETS ONLY!

Meaning that anyone asking to see more than one girl, or if a group of guys wishes to see one or more girls, or even if an M/F couple phones up wanting to meet a girl, then, for the time being, these appointments will need to be refused.

2) You must NOT be showing symptoms of CoronaVirus:

You will be asked on your call to the office, whether you have had, or are showing, symptoms of the CoronaVirus, influenza, or even a nasty sniffle.

If we get any indication of this, then for our staffs own safety, your appointment will need to be postponed until a later date.


…not even from regular clients.

Any text messages that come in will be assumed to be from people with the CoronaVirus and will be refused point-blank.

3) Your Appointment MUST be as stated on the phone call:

This means that when the girl gets over to yours – if there is more than one person there, your booking will be terminated.

You might be asked to pay a deposit if you have not used us before in the case of the above scenario arising.

In the event that your appointment needs to be terminated, ALL PAYMENTS ARE FORFEIT!

We have no doubt that in the vast majority of appointments made, option (3) above will not be needed.

Option (3) is there for all the chancers and piss-heads that put everyone at risk even when CoronaVirus is NOT an issue, including putting our staff at risk, and this will not be tolerated under any circumstances.

Before we leave you this time – we’ve been having a little play around with a captions generator, showing how providers other than Midlands Maidens handle their staff :)

As this will probably be the last time we can play around for the foreseeable future, here’s the video published to our YouTube channel, entitled ‘Our Latest Receptionist?

To get the full effect of this video, you should turn on the ‘captions’.

For a PC/Laptop, you can enable captions by hovering over the playing video and enabling them by the ‘captions’ icon at the bottom.

For a mobile, you can enable captions by waiting until you have the video playing, then clicking on the three white dots at the bottom right, and click onto ‘enable captions’.

Start the video again and you will see the English captions instead of needing to put up with German language!


Welcome back to Midlands Maidens Nottingham Escorts, and in case you missed it – WE ARE OPEN!

Originally published on Midlands Maidens Nottingham Escorts by the NEWS team.


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