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what a week

What a Week

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Last Updated on Wednesday, April 12, 2023

What a Week

In the couple or three thousand weeks we’ve been trading for, there’s not been many that we can say ‘what a week that was’ about.

What with our staff, a couple of website glitches, and a new tool from Google, we’ve been kept really busy, and in reverse order, we’ll do a bit of dissecting.

Google Site Kit.

This is the new tool that many webmasters have been raving on about, and we installed it this week on the Midlands Maidens website.

Google Site Kit

Frankly, we found it to be a bit of a damp squib – it allows you to see all of your analytics, pagespeed and search console ratings from ‘one easy dashboard’, which we just see as a waste of resources as these tools can be easily found, and have much more depth, by going to the appropriate Google page, plus you need to disable any caching and security systems you might have to allow it to install.

Time will tell I suppose, but there are other analytics tools that do a much better job than Google Site kit.


Early Tuesday morning, we received an email saying that one of our sub-sites had contracted malware.

Knowing that the security system was deactivated to allow Google Site Kit to be installed, we put the blame firmly on Google’s doorstep.

The malware was easy to remove however, so within ten minutes, everything was back to normal.

This can be noticed from the STATISTICS PAGE where there is a big drop in visitors from around Tuesday night/Wednesday morning, when we needed to reset the database and lost all of our visitors’ data.


We’re onto the weekend now, and of the four girls we have working at the moment, THREE of them are going out on ‘Dinner Date’ appointments or ‘Overnights’, leaving just one of the staff to clean up the remaining clients.

This means that there will be no chance whatsoever of clients phoning up and asking for a girl in half-an-hour, as the only girls that can attend those appointments will be girls with no work from other agencies.

With another six girls looking for positions here, and all six being refused due to not being able to uphold our standards, the time is right for you (with Black Friday approaching) to apply.

Consider just ONE of our staff that is on a dinner date or overnight booking tonight:

Average take home pay for 12 hours work – £900.

That’s the same pay in ONE NIGHT that a decent solicitor gets in a week, or the same pay in ONE NIGHT that a nurse gets in three weeks, or the same pay in ONE NIGHT that a zero-hours waitress gets in a month.

Bit of a no-brainer there then, isn’t it?

Also you don’t have to worry about rotas or shifts, and you can even get rid of the alarm clock – your time will be your own.

Apply now from the link below, and you too will be able to say ‘what a week that was!’

Originally posted on Midlands Maidens Nottingham Escorts by the NEWS team.


Lead image by XXXPornoZone

Google Site Kit image by Cloudways

Application Form:


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