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what you get

What You Get

Last Updated on Thursday, April 22, 2021 by Midlands Maidens

What You Get

This is a post describing exactly what you get when you book an appointment to see a Midlands Maidens girl.

It actually happened twice last night and once again this morning, from ex-clients of VIP Callgirls and Elite Diamond, where people are getting fed up of seeing trafficked Romanians but are putting up with this practice because of the ‘extras’ they bring to the table.

What you WILL get with Midlands Maidens Nottingham Escorts:

You WILL get a girl coming over to you that looks exactly like the photos, as these are REAL girls, mainly using ‘selfie’ photos.

You WILL get a full portfolio of services, the same ones that are outlined on the girls’ pages.

You WILL get a phone call from the girl who will speak in english to you, rather than a broken Romanian accent – in fact we’re the ONLY agency that gives you a free phone call!

You WILL get an all-inclusive package with no ‘extras’ to pay for.

You WILL get a full Maidens Experience!

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What you WON’T get with Midlands Maidens Nottingham Escorts:

You WON’T get a girl that was floating down marble staircases on the website, but they are NOT real girls, using rather photos of foreign glamour models, and on arrival look like Vicky Pollard.

You WON’T get a full run of services without paying ‘extra’ for them.

You WON’T get a phone call from the girl as the provider is afraid that she’ll steal it.

You WILL or MIGHT get however, what we call ‘junkie’ or ‘happy’ bags, which are SOLD by the agency to the girl so they can be sold on to the client for profit.

These junkie bags can contain a wrap of cocaine or marijuana (or both) in a fag packet, so in fact it would be the girl herself who is doing the dealing – the agency would deny all knowledge.

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So i guess it’s all up to you then – decide if you wanted a full blown Maiden Experience with a real girl, that supplies all the services for free because she enjoys working for us, or would you rather have a trafficked Romanian who is ‘dealing’ for the agency and does no services because she hates doing it?

Personally I know what I’d be choosing – I had a job that I hated for 20 years before starting this agency, and have never looked back!

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