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Whats the Difference

Whats the Difference…

Last Updated on Sunday, March 27, 2022 by Midlands Maidens

Whats the Difference…

Whats the difference between a prostitute, a call-girl, and an escort? Risking falling under the controversy hammer, we’ll try to explain.

Without waiting for the punch-line to the question above, this post came about following a call from a customer last night, who found that his promised companion had been extended by her present client (with due notice) into an overnight booking.

Following three calls to the customer (the line was busy every time), we sent a text message with our apologies.

The customer finally got around to ringing us, saying that he hadn’t received it (oh yes, he had), and mentioned that we were rather poor for letting him down.

The problem that this customer had, was that this time he was trying to book an escort, rather than a call-girl, and genuine escorts tend to get booked for overnight bookings within an hour of meetiing up, when the client sees that he has been sent someone rather special, which we can say for ALL of our girls.

So for the benefit of that customer, and of course to you, we’ll try and explain whats the difference between a prostitute, a call-girl and an escort.

A Prostitute:

…is more commonly known as your bog-standard street-walker:

whats the difference prostitute

Prostitution is illegal in the UK, and many ‘kerb-crawlers’ run the risk of exposure, or a fine, or both if they are caught hunting for sexual favours.

A typical prostitute booking consists of accompanying the girl into the back of your car, or up a back alley, and the whole process is usually over within ten minutes, when the girl goes straight back out looking for her next client.

Most prostitutes are controlled by ‘pimps’ (pimping is again illegal), who take a large quantity of their earnings and keep them pumped up with illegal substances, which in turn forces the girl out again to get her next ‘hit’.

The typical lifespan of a prostitute is one – two years, depending on how long they can keep their looks for, and the risk of getting beaten up by her clients, or indeed her pimp, is a regular occurence.


One step up from the prostitute, is the Call-Girl:

Whats the Difference Call-Girls

Working as a call-girl is legal in the UK, however since 2001 it was made ILLEGAL to put any type of calling-cards (Tart Cards) in phone boxes, being punishable by up to six months imprisonment or a £5000 fine.

The type of girl using ‘tart cards’ is also usually the girl who operates ‘walk-ups‘ in Soho, Milton Keynes, Glasgow and the like, so we will lump those in with the ‘call-girls’.

To get around this, many call-girls (and street-walker pimps) started to ply their wares on free-ads lineage websites, and eventually on Vivastreet, where they use fake photos and services to bump up their profiles, make a point of saying that their profile is a ‘real girl’ and revel in charging for ‘extras’.

Another option for the ‘call-girls’ method of working, those girls that come from the eastern european block and have no command of the English language, making the ‘call-girls’ unable to answer the phone, is to join a dodgy agency, again using fake photos and services, ‘real girls’ labels, and an abundance of chargeable ‘extras’.

This type of dodgy agency is no doubt the type of provider that the customer in the first paragraph was used to using, and we give no apologies for not using the type of tactics that would have been offered to him by those dodgy agencies.


Escorting is perfectly legal in the UK, provided that no sexual services are on offer.


At the time of writing, Midlands Maidens are the longest serving escort agency in the East Midlands, and at 15 years in business, we are proving that this is no ‘flash in the pan’.

The whole idea of running an escort agency should be that all potential applicants are stringently interviewed, to make sure that any girl working on their behalf, lives up to the high standards that an agency demands.

The downside to this, is the the agency will typically want a ‘cut’ of the girls’ earnings, for their promotion on the agency website, and the advertising of their ‘services’ or ‘likes’.

The girl should have an excellent phone manner, as any client calling (in our experience) would like a return phone-call from the girl, to discuss her images and ‘likes’, as many girls working for escort agencies still fall under the ‘call-girl’ pseudonym, where they are either using fake photos, or are from the East European block with poor (at best) English.

The girl should be able to pull some classy dresses and lingerie out of her closet in order to ‘woo’ the client from the first sight of her, and we are finding that a successful escort girl meeting a client will regularly have their appointment turned into an overnight one.

So Whats the Difference Then?

Ok, so a quick summary:

A prostitute should be used by someone who just needs a quickie, even though the girl might need a bag over her head.

A call-girl is one step above a prostitute, where you ring to book, you may or may not speak to the actual girl that you will be meeting, and the sex turns out to be rather hurried as the girl just wants to get onto her next client.

An escort then is the cream of the crop when it comes to booking and meeting a girl, and should be wearing expensive clothes and lingerie, befitting her prowess in rising above the other two pseudonyms.

So should you be using a girl from an escort agency, or an independent one?

There are many independent escort girls doing the rounds, and we get a few applying at Midlands Maidens (we call them agency hoppers), to try and expand their client base.

A lot of independents have no need of this though, and are successful in their own right, and having their own client base.

An independent though would need to do her own promotion and advertising, and of course she shouldn’t be answering the phone if she is on a booking with a client.

An escort agency would do all your promotion and advertising for you, and take your phone calls, and give the girl a little added security in knowing when she is due to finish her appointment.

The fees for this at Midlands Maidens were set out by the girls themselves, and we work it so that any girl working at Midlands Maidens is better off than an independent girl.

Whats the Difference Videos:

We’ll finish off this Whats the Difference item with a few videos from our YouTube library.

Take note, and soon YOU’LL be able to explain what the difference is!

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And finally, one for the punters out there, who are convinced that there is no ‘whats the difference’ between a prostitute, a call-girl, and an escort girl, and insist on getting a discount on their £20 bareback blowjob:

5) An announcment from UK Punting:

We hope that you enjoyed our post regarding the difference between prostitutes, call-girls and escort girls, and that it has been as enlightening for you, as it was for us when we started out.

Join us next time for more controversial news from the Midlands Maidens blog.

Originally published on Midlands Maidens Nottingham Escorts by the NEWS team.


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