Who is Coco Lovelock

Who is Coco Lovelock?

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Last Updated on Sunday, September 3, 2023

Who is Coco Lovelock?

Our latest post with our investigator’s hat on asks – Who Is Coco Lovelock and what is she famous for? Let’s find out now!

Coco Lovelock is an America-based adult film actress & model. She is prominently famous for appearing in adult short films.

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From the above-curated post, you will see that Coco is hugely secretive, except for her astrological sign of Gemini.

At a pocket rocket height of just 4’10”, it would be easy to mistake her for a schoolgirl, which is where her niche comes in.

CoCo-Lovelock 03


With an actual age of 23 years old, Coco has an array of adult films mainly concerned with father/mother/daughter incest, and she has talent management arranged by Motley Models on their Twitter account.

coco lovelock 02


She also has a paid subscriptions account on OnlyFans, where private subscribers to her channel can access her personal content.

You are able to unlock this content by paying $20 per month, or $150 per year at a 50% discount.

coco-lovelock 01

In the following FREE video from the New Sensations website, we see Coco going on a home visit to see her teacher for some extracurricular activities.

We see her getting dressed for school in the teacher’s bathroom, and then getting undressed, making sure that her teacher has access to all of her charms.


We reckon that you’ll be in agreement that Coco Lovelock is one of the most extreme cases of Jailbait that we have ever featured here on Midlands Maidens, and we wish you many good wanks over this video.

Remember to check out her OnlyFans and the New Sensations website if you felt that you needed to see her in more situations!

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