Who is Goddess Amirha

Who is Goddess Amirha?

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Last Updated on Monday, November 27, 2023

Who is Goddess Amirha?

In the latest of our ‘who is’ investigations, we decided to research and ask the question Who is Goddess Amirha?

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Goddess Amirha first came to our notice following a video that was floating around our office that began with ‘Amazing babe with a perfect little ass’ – and the ass involved is resoundingly perfect!

It turns out that Amirha likes to fart and shart whilst face-sitting on her partner and smothering him in her toilet chair or wrapped up in plastic, whilst playing Call of Duty on the big screen of her home TV.

There are plenty of videos showing this on Amirha’s website, together with an option to send her a tribute if you so wished.

And so onto the first of three videos:

All three of these videos are compilations, so if you wanted to view the full videos, visit Goddess Amirah’s website above.

Video One shows Amirah farting and sharting into her partner’s face whilst using her toilet chair or having him strapped up, letting him have a wank or not as the case may be.

This one is around 20 minutes long and should see you through the first couple of daily wanks.


Video Two:

More really deep farts and sharts from Amirah, this time blowing them up her partner’s nose and ‘blowing brown’ into her white leggings for her partner to get a good wholesome sniff.

This video is around 15 minutes long, but should still pull a couple of wanks out of you.


Video Three:

We’ve kept this one until last, as it was the video circulating around the office in the introduction.

Originally titled ‘Amazing Babe With Perfect Little Ass Shits Into Guy’s Mouth While He’s Wrapped In Plastic’, it will leave you wondering how something so perfect can eject something that tastes so gross.


We’d imagine that most of you will be asleep now, but we’ll still look forward to seeing you next time in Room 101!

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