Who is Kitty Doll

Who Is Kitty Doll?

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Last Updated on Monday, August 21, 2023

Who Is Kitty Doll?

In another of our ‘who is’ posts, we now turn our attention to finding out ‘who is Kitty Doll’ and how she caught our attention.

First though, a quick disclaimer:

The subject of this post, Kitty Doll, or to be more specific Kitty Doll 88 was chosen to feature purely for her innocent looks and totally disgraceful actions in a video that is freely available on the internet. Kitty Doll has never worked as an escort, but she is quite welcome to apply at Midlands Maidens.

Kitty Doll 88 is (at the time of writing) a 21-year-old Russian model who works for the ANALVIDS studio.

A wonderful example of a LOLLICON GIRL, she looks no older than around a 14-15 years old sex toy, but her disgraceful activities take her to another level entirely!

Young Looking Kitty Doll

Kitty Doll first came onto the scene in 2021, when she completed a whole series of films but has not been seen since.


This led to her newly found fan base becoming worried about her well-being and hoping that she had not been prematurely retired like so many of these Japanese lollicons that seemed to have a shelf-life of just a few films.

Kitty in a Tie

Since then, she has been seen posting on her Instagram and Twitter pages, though no new films have been released as yet.

Now then for the reason that we found this amazing actress:

We were having a discussion (as you do) in the Midlands Maidens office about the merits of multiple hole fillings, and what would be the maximum that a girl (or a guy) could take?

Many double penetration (DP) videos were found, and a multitude of double vaginal and double anal videos followed.

We then found Kitty Doll 88 on some obscure website, who despite being only 21 years old, and no bigger than a 14-year-old fuck-toy had this unnerving ability to be able to take THREE members vaginally and anally, meaning that if some daring acrobatics were performed by the guys, there would be a possibility of SIX at one time.

There is some serious fanny farting by Kitty in one of her videos, but as they are all seriously long (around 50 minutes) we’ve chosen the following video to show you instead.

This was the first video we found of Kitty Doll, and we hope that you will enjoy how she looks, and the disgraceful activities that follow with this elite sex toy:

Originally published on Midlands Maidens Nottingham Escorts by the FETISH team.

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