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Who is Louisa Marie

Who is Louisa Marie?

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Last Updated on Sunday, March 12, 2023

Who is Louisa Marie?

Our turn to do some research this time, on one of the models featured throughout the website. Specifically, who is Louisa Marie?

We’re guessing that from the image above, you’ll recognise Louisa Marie as featuring on most of our landing pages, and on a few other pages throughout the Midlands Maidens website, but us being us, we wanted to drill down a little into finding out more about her.

The photos were no problem, as they’re scattered all over the internet – usually from websites such as ‘OnlyTease‘, or their subsidiaries ‘OnlySecretary’ or ‘OnlySilkAndSatin’ etcetera, or from numerous wallpaper websites.

The NAME of the model was a little harder to find, as was her nationality.

We’d found lots of un-pronounceable Russian versions – in Russian – Shadhenka, but we found that shadhenka is just a Russian verb for a redhead, and then lots of versions of Lois, Loise, and Louisa, with lots of versions of Mari, Maree, and Marie, but the nationality was no doubt Russian – or maybe English – as OnlyTease is an American website.

So – using the search term ‘Louisa Marie OnlyTease’ on PornHub of all places, gave us the answer we were looking for.

Louisa Marie gave an introduction to her video in perfect posh English, so the last piece of the puzzle fell into place.

Who is Louisa Marie then?

She is a UK redhead model, doing galleries and videos for OnlyTease and their subsidiaries with many of her photos being published as PC Wallpaper by Russian and American websites.

Now onto a special run of screensavers that we’ve prepared for you, all featuring this exceptional model.

ShortPixel will be screaming at us because we’ve used it to slim down eighteen full wallpapers.

First a run of NINE desktop wallpapers:

And now a run of NINE mobile wallpapers:

And finally, the Pornhub video where our starlet is doing a striptease for you:

So there you go then, the mystery of our anonymous model is unravelled!

Join us next time for a more normal post (as normal as you can get for the Midlands Maidens Blog).

Originally published on Midlands Maidens Nottingham Escorts by the NEWS team.


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