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Last Updated on Wednesday, April 12, 2023


Looks like we dropped a bit of a clanger in the ‘improvements’ on adding one of the two new toys earlier this week: find out why we were going whoops!

Once again, it was a Google ‘app’ that was at fault, as the ‘Enhanced by Google’ search-box slowed the website speed down by nearly two seconds due to it insisting on putting ADS in there.

Seems that anything to do with Google, eg AMP, ADS, PPC etc are a little CRA.(p)

Once again proof that Google isn’t really bothered about how speedy your website is, it’s just bothered about making money from adverts.

A feat bourne out of our couple of excursions into AMP websites, the ultimate in speed ‘but hey we’re still going to place ads in your content‘, and twice now using the ‘Disgraced by Google’ make your website slower search box that has a liberal supply of ads throughout.

Let’s face it, who clicks on ads anyway?

The Re-Vamped Blog Sections

On a completely unrelated note, we found that if our blog sections were in a list format and the Age Gate was added to one of the posts – for eg the last one about MORE TOYS, then it buggered up everything below that one post and just redirected everything back to page one.

We’ve therefore pulled out the Last Ten Posts and the All News Posts sections, and placed all posts into their respective sections only.

As pointed out, that should also sort out any duplicate content issues we might have had if we’d kept all the sections and posted each of the items across three boards.

Mobile Blog

We’ve also made it much simpler to access the individual blog posts if you’re using a mobile phone or a tablet.

Whereas previously, where you saw an image but you didn’t know what the post was about, by the time you’d worked out that the title appears on ‘hover’, of course, there IS no hover on a mobile phone and you’d be inside the blog post.

We’ve now got it all laid out nicely with the title showing below each post, so mobile users will have a much better time navigating.

And so to the Main Event.

When titling this post ‘Whoops!’, we were wondering what kind of lead image to use.

After a minimal amount of discussion, we all agreed that ‘whoops’ is what all of these celebrities would be saying when a wardrobe malfunction occurred, or maybe a strategic gust of wind too.

That is why we added an upskirt lead image, and it is also why we present this small gallery for you to muse over of celebrity newsreaders and other poor souls with various wardrobe malfunctions:

And Finally:

We found this lovely little video from Jeny Smith on XVideos with various upskirts shown, both intentionally and unintentionally on the big screen:

We hope that you enjoyed our Whoops! post, and we’ll see you next time with more news from Midlands Maidens Land!

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