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Why We Don't Use Professional Photography

Why We Don’t Use Professional Photography – and the Abigail Experience

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Last Updated on Monday, August 21, 2023

Why We Don’t Use Professional Photography

and the Abigail Experience.

We’ve often been asked why we don’t use professional photography instead of selfies. The Abigail Experience is the perfect example to explain why.

Before we go into the reasons for this latest Secret Diary and News post, we’d like to present a showcase of CYS Boudoir Photography, based in Seattle USA:

Seattle Boudoir Photographer Celebrate Your Sexy | Why we don't use professional photography

Celebrate Your Sexy specializes in creating gorgeous, high-end boudoir photography for women of all ages, shapes, and sizes. One of the largest and best-known boudoir photography studios in the country, Celebrate Your Sexy employs a talented team of female photographers across 23 cities nationwide to celebrate each client’s individual beauty. A total pampered experience awaits visitors as they’re made to feel elegant and glamorous through a variety of boudoir poses, wardrobes, and environments. After the shoot, customers can view the photos online to pick their favorites and turn those sensual shots into everything from mounted prints to calendars.

Source: Seattle Boudoir Photographer Celebrate Your Sexy

The photos from CYS look really good and would cost the agency upwards of £1000 to use one of their London photographers.

We’ve also mentioned elsewhere that rather than using selfie photos, and contrary to our policy of why we don’t use professional photography, we have no objection to our girls using professional shoots, PROVIDED THAT the girl supplies the initial outlay, which we would subsidise by reducing their agency fees to ZERO until we had paid for them and own the copyright to these.

In this way, any of our girls can get a full portfolio of images of themselves, and eventually get paid in full for their initial outlay.

Before we go onto Abigail though, there is another item that we’d like you to see, that we found in our backlinks:

Sex City Guide

Local Nottinghamians know that there is an unofficial red-light district in Nottingham. Waterloo Crescent and the former wealthy Forest Road West have become known as Nottingham’s red-light district in the Arboretum. According to the Nottingham Post, the police have stopped many kerb crawlers, because street prostitution is illegal.

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Source: The 4 Best Nottingham Escort Agencies

So there you go, Midlands Maidens are officially the number one escort agency according to SCG!

Before we go onto Abigail, we’d like you to remember all of the above regarding professional shoots, selfies, and the Pros and Cons list below the escort agencies in the second curated item, regarding the fake images.

So on at last to our latest Maiden, and The Abigail Experience.

Abigail initially contacted us last Thursday (21st October) saying that she’d never done this job before and could she apply to join us?

One of the three photos that she had included with her application was okay-ish but most of the photos that she has recently sent over were really grainy (That’s iPhones for you).

We gave Abigail a phone interview – again the interview was really grainy, and Abigail was seeming to have problems working out how to use a landscape view.

We explained why we don’t use professional photography as we use selfie photos, because they are more reliable to our clients, so she would need to get a few of those sent over. We WOULD add a facial blur, but we WOULD NOT mask tattoos.

We took her on, she went on her first appointment, and we arranged to meet up at a later date so that we could confirm her punctuality, her social skills in a live environment, and her vital statistics.

Something though did not seem right, and with the benefit of hindsight, we should have waited for the meet-up before allowing any further appointments.

Starting on Thursday afternoon came the barrage of text messages, asking ‘is there any work?’ ‘when does the work start coming in?’ ‘I’ve decided that I’ll do OWO now, so where’s the work?’

Just to keep her quiet we sent her over to a posh hotel appointment, but she only stayed for an hour and we had no feedback for her.

After this last booking, she called off and was never available again.

Now comes the tirade of lies that she had worked out:

We asked:

Abigail, we’re going to need some photos.

Steve, leave it till Sunday as my mate is coming round and she’ll take them.

We asked again on Monday:

Sorry Steve I’ve got a stinking cold, but I’ll get the photos over to you by 4 pm.

Are we having your meet-up tomorrow, as was previously arranged?

No, this stinking cold has knocked me for six – Thursday would be better?

Abigail had already been delivered her sacking message on Tuesday, as we tried SIXTEEN TIMES to contact her by phone.

No, Steve, I’ve given up my 9-5 job and I really want to do this. This bloody phone is crap.

Abigail, we do NOT do phone excuses.

Ok, I’ll call you tomorrow and I’ll get my photos sent over.

Wednesday came, still no photos, so we called her again – no reply.

(by text message) Can’t talk I’m in the doctors. I’ll call you when I’m out.

Wednesday afternoon came:

(by voice call) Oh, I’m just having my nails done for the weekend, I’ll call you later.

We were just about to sack her for the second time, when lo and behold she started sending some awful photos over that wouldn’t get her any business at all.

We called to tell her this, and she sent more of the same over.

The straw that finally broke the camel’s back though:

Ok, that’s six photos – I’m going out now, I’ll call you tomorrow.

So in just one week, we’d had:

Phone excuses

Doctor excuses

Friend coming round to do the photos excuses

Stinking cold excuses

Following this afternoon’s riot act reading, Abigail seemed to take it all on the chin and promised no more excuses.

She’s just sent a few more photos over so her gallery page should be online later tonight.

Following the riot act reading and the photos though, Abigail is once again treating us like fools, as she turned her phone off today (Tuesday) when she was due to attend her meet-up.

One final quote then – Abigail will never be a professional escort whilst she has a hole in her arse.

Why We Don’t Use Professional Photography was originally published on Midlands Maidens Nottingham Escorts by the NEWS and SECRET DIARY teams.


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