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wifi calling

WiFi Calling

Last Updated on Sunday, March 27, 2022 by Midlands Maidens

WiFi Calling

WiFi calling is a feature found on most new smartphones, that enables you to call from areas where there is no normal phone signal.

The theory behind this system is fantastic, no more running around trying to find a phone signal and then finding that the only place you can make a call from is in the highest point above the ladies toilets.

But what if your phone is one of the old Nokia 3330’s and cannot use WiFi calling, or even if you’ve got a smartphone from Cash Converters that isn’t able to use calls made over WiFi?

Well frankly, that means you’re bolloxed in most cases, as for some reason the WiFi calling method will not switch over back to Cellular Calling (the highest point above the ladies toilets method) in the majority of cases.

The phones in the Midlands Maidens office all proudly announced around a month ago, that WiFi calling had now been activated and we could now call anywhere from anyplace, and for free over WiFi.

Technology being what it is though, we were now having problems getting through to a couple of those girls that weren’t able to take calls over WiFi, so the following YouTube video came in very handy:

…and with a little more hassle (surprise surprise) for the iphone:

Here at the Midlands Maidens office then, we are trying to use WiFi calling as much as possible, but we also realise that many clients will be using old Nokia 3330’s as ‘punter phones’, which have no access to WiFi.

The main Midlands Maidens line at 07983-910-208 then has now been downgraded to ‘cellular calling’ only, so if you cannot get through to us via your Wifi, try turning it off as in the above videos.

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