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Your Applications

Your Applications

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Last Updated on Wednesday, April 12, 2023

Your Applications

We’re needing to add a few more quality girls to our website so here’s a neat way in which we can handle your applications:

Following our latest decimation project, in which we exiled more than half of our girls, we’ve decided to include WhatsApp applications as a valid way to apply to join us.

For those girls that don’t like filling in full blown application forms, you can now just click on THIS ICON in a desktop from the JOBS page:


WhatsApp Desktop

… or THIS ICON on a tablet or mobile, again on the JOBS page:


WhatsApp Mobile

… both of which will either take you to the WhatsApp desktop application if you wanted to apply via desktop, or your bog-standard WhatsApp mobile application if you wanted to apply via mobile or tablet.

Please be aware that when going ahead with WhatsApp for your applications, your call-back from the office will be on your normal network providers’ line.

This is essential as WhatsApp numbers have a quirk of ‘rolling-on’ to any new number that you use, and as mentioned many times before, Midlands Maidens do not use WhatsApp on a mobile, except in rare cases when regular clients wanted to use it.

Midlands Maidens only uses WhatsApp Desktop Web (as seen above), which means that if no desktop PC is around, we might not see your messages until the next morning.

This will hopefully also deter any blokes that just wanted to use WhatsApp as a free sex chat and wanking service.

Just a short post this time to hopefully assist with your applications – just click onto the ‘apply’ icon, read the message, and send us your application by return.

Couldn’t be simpler really, could it?

Originally published on Midlands Maidens Nottingham Escorts by the NEWS team.

*Quick Edit*

It’s become obvious that applicants cannot work out how to add more than one photo.

From your WhatsApp application message:

1) After composing your application, look for the little ‘files’ icon next to your text.

2) Click on the ‘files ‘ icon.

3) Open ‘gallery’ to view your photos.

4) Instead of just clicking on a photo and adding it to your application, ‘LONG PRESS‘ on a photo when you will see a tick – then choose as many photos as you wanted.

5) Click the ‘add’ button and your application will come straight over to us.


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