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Your Mother Should Know

Your Mother Should Know (Nottingham Escorts 4 of 4)

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4. Your Mother Should Know (Nottingham Escorts 4 of 4)
5. How Can I Succeed?
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Last Updated on Friday, March 10, 2023

Your Mother Should Know (Nottingham Escorts 4 of 4)

Part four of what you can expect when applying to become a Nottingham Escort. Part four: Your Mother Should Know.

Back in part three, we mentioned that a lot of barriers could be chopped down if a partner knew what you were doing.

We’ll elaborate on that now, and extend this to a parent or a close friend.

Your Mother should know

One of the last questions we like to ask on an interview is – ‘does anyone know that you’re thinking of coming into this industry’?

Quite often the answer is ‘yes’ be it a partner, a parent, a close friend, or a multitude of these.

To those girls that are thinking of coming into this industry and keeping it a secret –

we would advise that at least a close friend or your mother should know if only to have someone to bounce their ideas off.

The escorting industry is notoriously full of people keeping secrets, only for those same people to come unstuck by virtue of a dropped word here and there – or indeed by being out on the razzle.

We would also suggest working through an agency, no matter what – though many customers will try and talk you out of this, as many are just after a cheap shag at any cost with their £50 hanging out of their pockets.

We see an escort girl being worth a little more than £50!

Our last video shows two more independents further qualifying our last statement, plus a do-goodie politician putting Alex off the escorting industry for good.

Pity really, as we feel that Alex would have made a great escort that you would even consider showing off to your mother, but good luck to her in her newly found graduate position!

We hope that you enjoyed our mini-series on the escort industry and that we haven’t scared you off from the joys and free Pot Noodles that it brings.

Happy and Safe Bookings!

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